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Detailed Table of Contents  (153 kBytes)

The inward similarity of outward diversity   (431 kBytes)  pp. 36-39  An introduction to the common underlying patterns and rules that produce the extraordinary diversity of living creatures.

Life encourages variety by recombining information   (142 kBytes)  pp. 46-47   Selective breeding, genetic engineering, the latest in aspen trees' cellulose/lignin ratio.

Multiplying small effects   (322 kBytes)   pp. 186-189   The function of actin/myosin interactions in muscle motion and cytoplasmic streaming. Research on rotational streaming in Nitella. Writer Annie Dillard observes chloroplasts swarming.

How DNA information translates into a protein   (491 kBytes)   An unexpected analogy - a donut shop gets an order and from it produces unique boxes of mixed donuts. The analogous scene inside a cell - DNA to RNA via amino acids and ribosome to protein.

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