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The Science of Biology TableOfContents
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1- Patterns

The core of a biology course: the unifying principles that underlie the fascinating diversity of life.
Science as an organized, accessible manifestation of human curiosity.

2- Energy

How living creatures transform energy.
How energy flows through organisms and through communities.

3- Information

How the four-letter language of DNA spells out instructions for building millions of life forms.

4- Machinery

How DNA's instructions are translated into molecules of RNA and then translated into proteins.

5- Feedback

Homeostasis: how cells, organisms and communities regulate internal environments.

6- Community

How a cell diversifies into communities of specialized cells, organs, system feedback loops, and how individuals interact and organize.

7- Evolution

How the river of DNA information flows across generations.
How the information of DNA is sifted and sorted by cells, and environments.

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