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Chapter 5
Section 6: From Genotype to Phenotype, after p. 201:

Topic Name: Green Fluorescent Chime Tutorials
Finally, go to Dr. Tim Herman's web site entitled "Green Fluorescent Protein Chime Tutorials." As the tutorial images load and you click through, you will see a series of dialog boxes that come up. Just click OK in each. Be sure to view the images from various angles by clicking on the image and dragging the mouse. Select 1: Introduction to the 3-dimensional structure of Green Fluorescent Protein,” and proceed through the whole tutorial. Answer the following questions: What secondary structure(s) is/are present in GFP? What bonds stabilize the entire structure? Where have you seen this type of bond before? Go back to the previous page and select 2: Investigate how the hydrophobic and hydrophilic amino acids of GFP contribute to its structure. Where are the hydrophobic amino acids? Where are the hydrophilic amino acids? Where is the region of the protein that causes the fluorescence (the fluorophore) located?
Visit the site "Green Fluorescent Chime Tutorials"

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