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Chapter 5
Section 6: From Genotype to Phenotype, after p. 201:

Topic Name: Seeing Gene Expression
Scientific researchers can use GFP as a tag to see the expression of their favorite protein in a way that represents a new and exciting advancement in the study of cell biology. GFP allows you to see a protein in a living cell. The other fluorescent images that you have seen are of dead cells that have been treated with fluorescent probes that bind to the protein that you are trying to visualize. But with GFP you can see proteins in live cells and without any other treatment. Go to Drs. Wang and Winkelmann’s web site showing GFP-Myosin in C2C12 cells these are a type of muscle cell. To generate this image the GFP gene is fused to the gene for your favorite protein, in this case the gene for myosin. When the GFP-myosin gene is transcribed and the GFP-myosin RNA is translated to protein, the GFP-myosin protein in the muscle cell now glows, just like the jellyfish! Look at page 187 in your text. Focus on Step 4 and the myofibrils. Discuss the image of GFP-myosin in relation to the image in your text. Do you see the similarities?
Visit the site "Seeing Gene Expression"

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