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Chapter 5
Section 6: From Genotype to Phenotype, after p. 201:

Topic Name: University of Utah's Genetics Science Learning Center
Recall the discussion of the firefly on page 134 in Chapter 3. A firefly is useful to illustrate several concepts that you have covered, or will cover in later chapters (e.g. Chapter 7, Community). Now consider the machinery that the firefly uses to generate the light that it produces. Go to this web site on the firefly and read the text. Now press the play button and watch the animation as the cell transcribes its DNA to generate mRNA coding for the luciferase gene product. Watch as this mRNA travels to the cytoplasm and is translated. Then watch as the light goes on! Below the animation are a series of cartoons that depict these processes in a step-by-step fashion just in case the animation will not run for you. What is the name of the enzyme that transcribes DNA to mRNA? Where is this enzyme located in the cell? What is the name of the enzyme the activity of which results in the production of light? Where is this enzyme located? Have you noticed that name of enzymes end with the letters ase? What functions does this generation of light serve the firefly?
Visit the site "University of Utah's Genetics Science Learning Center"

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