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Chapter 5
Section 6: From Genotype to Phenotype, after p. 201:

Topic Name: DNA From the Beginning, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
For wonderful illustrations of the experiments that lead to the understanding of the genetic code and of the process of translation go to Chapter 22 of this web site. Click on the Animation button at the bottom of the page and move through the story by clicking on the arrows at the bottom right of the screen. From reading your text you know that a synthetic poly-U RNA (composed of uracil only) leads to a polypeptide chain composed exclusively of phenylalanine (Phe). For what polypeptide does a poly-A RNA code? A poly-C RNA? Look at the completed Genetic Code table in the animation to answer the following questions: a. For what amino acid does UUA code? CUG? What concept concerning the genetic code does this illustrate? b. List the codons that code for the amino acid arginine (Arg)? c. How many stop codons are there? What are they? Where in the cell does the process of transcription occur? Where in the cell does translation occur? On what structure does translation occur? How is translation initiated? How is it terminated?
Visit the site "DNA From the Beginning, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory"

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