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Exploring the Way Life Works
The Science of Biology StudentRes
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Web Links for Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Setting the Stage

Web Links
Thinking Small ---
The Virtual Cell will take you on an interactive tour of all the cell’s components.
Using Microscopy to Explore the Cell and Beyond ---
An electron microscopy resource for teachers and students.
The Way Science Works ---
For a beautiful observation and description of insects and their behavior by J. Henri Fabre, an amateur naturalist, and to see a very nice experiment he performed, read about The Great Peacock moth.
The Way Science Works ---
An excellent example of the scientific process is illustrated in the work of Barbara McClintock, who in 1983 won a Nobel Prize for the discovery of “jumping genes".
An interesting student research project ---
A student/faculty research project that examines the environment and evolution of organisms that live in isolated spring-fed pools in the Mexican desert.


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