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Web Links for Chapter 7
Chapter 7: Community

Web Links
Emergence ---
Try John Conway's "cellular automaton" and see the evolving cellular patterns that occur when just a few simple rules are applied over many generations.
The Emergence of Higher-Level Behavior ---
Do you think of yourself as an individual--a fully functioning organism relying only upon yourself for your cellular and metabolic activities? Well think again! Go to this web site to learn about the legions of inhabitants that make your body their home.
Organizing a Body - Part I ---
A simple animation of mitosis
Organizing a Body - Part II ---
At the University of Michigan’s Multidimensional Human Embryo website click on the square blue picture on the left of the home page to see an embryo develop.
Cloning ---
For a really good discussion of cloning and its implications
A Chain of Command ---
Go back to the top of the page and click on the “Balance in Natural Communities” link. Communities and ecosystems also have feedback loops to respond to environmental changes and to correct imbalances and maintain homeostasis.
Roots ---
For a long time biology books have claimed that early vertebrate embryos were almost identical. This site shows the origin of that claim, and provides correct information. You can see photos of the embryos as they actually appear. There’s also a good reference section citing articles from Science and other journals about the subject.
Roots ---
NOVA online morphing embryos - time lapse movies of developing embryos of humans, pigs, chickens and fish.


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