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Web Links for Chapter 8
Chapter 8: Evolution

Web Links
Evolution of a New World View ---
The study of geology and an understanding of the deposition of different layers of rock at different periods of geologic history had a great impact on our understanding of the evolution of life on Earth.
Evolution of a New World View ---
Evidence for the earliest forms of cellular life is found in stromatolites, take a look at these fossil cyanobacteria under the microscope.
The Origins of Life ---
The theory of evolution takes into account data from various fields--geology, paleontology, chemistry, astronomy, and molecular biology. Go to the above web site for a trip through geologic time.
The Origins of Life ---
Where do we come from? Are we alone? Read the articles from NASA's Origin's program to find out the latest discoveries.
The Origins of Life ---
A new revolutionary theory of the origins of life on earth. Did life emerge from inorganic cells? Be sure to read the document attached to the "Click here..." link at the bottom of the page.
Small Changes Add Up to Big Differences ---
An interactive site that shows the power of random events combined with selection. Starts with a collection of dots on the screen and randomly adds more dots and colors. By selecting the offspring whose lines most represent what you are trying for, you can evolve shapes that look like trees, bugs or buildings. Always keeping in mind that evolution does not have a predetermined goal, this is a fun way to experience the power of selection.
Writing Poetry Evolution's Way ---
Like the monkeys and word processors, the Weasel Applet randomly generates letters and numbers until they match a phrase you have chosen.
Multiple Changes ---
Press release: April 2001. A newly discovered dinosaur (a dromaeosaur) covered with feathers from head to foot!
Evidence of Relatedness ---
A fascinating source of information about human evolution at the Smithsonian Institute
Antibiotics - Too Much of a God Thing ---
The Centers for Disease Control has a website that will scare you to death:
Antibiotics - Too Much of a Good Thing ---
The Medical Journal of Australia has quite a few articles on VRE
An interesting evolution research project ---
A student/faculty research project that examines the environment and evolution of organisms that live in isolated spring-fed pools in the Mexican desert.
How New Species Arise ---
Section 2 of Dr RH Rothman's web site introduces Charles Darwin and his experiences on the Galapagos Islands. Browse through the other sections to learn more about the astonishing variety of species found on the islands.
Radiometric Dating ---
Radiometric dating
The evolution of humans and humanness ---
A wonderful interactive website with movies, animations, maps, all designed to teach us how and why humans evolved as they have.


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